DANCER ART ~ Ilana L. Appleby


Notecards ~ Pen & Ink Drawings

Meticulously printed on premium cardstock with elegant square-flap envelopes packaged:

  • Individually in crystal clear cello sleeves 

  • Tulle-decorated clear soft boxed sets of eight different images 

Twelve different sets of eight assorted cards are designated in Italian as: Primo, Secondo, Terzo, Quarto, Quinto, Sesto, Settimo, Nono, Decimo, Unidecismo, Dodecisimo 

Custom options:

  • Packaging of any selection of the 96 cards in any quantity, packaged individually or as sets of several cards

  • Labeling for special events (Galas, Weddings, Fundraisers) with custom text and/or logo

Framed works ~ Pen & Ink Drawings

One or more archivally-matted images 


“Arabesque” Pendant and Lapel Pin/Brooch/Tie Tack in solid sterling silver

Satin-lined velvet gift box, voile drawstring bag, and bonus notecard for gifting included.

Custom orders of 14K gold, and inset diamond or birthstones available 

Earring and cufflinks are works-in-progress


Umbrellas and Silk Scarves — Hand-painted or printed with artist signature dancer motif

Home & commercial decor

Dancer Wire Sculptures for window, wall, or holiday tree décor

Custom Mobile of “Dancer Troupe” available for home, or commercial window or lobby,

installed by the artist with the option to encourage the figures to “dance,” with moving air 

(heat or a/c source) or a fan provided by the artist

Ilana L. Appleby’s original pen and ink drawings made during live dance performances, rehearsals, and in-studio events, have been rendered on elegant, functional, wearable, and decorative items including notecards, scarves, umbrellas, and bags, and as unique jewelry. Framed works and and small wire sculptures are available for home decor. 

The 96 different notecards are meticulously printed on premium paper and have proven popular for both personal stationary use and gifting.

  • The individually packaged cards make it easy for you to say "Thank You" with a handwritten personal note.

  • The boxed sets of eight assorted cards have proven popular as fundraising premiums, as well as serving thank you, birthday, holiday, and gift giving needs. Custom packaging is available for wedding, gala, and fundraising events using any selection of any cards in any quantity. Requests for commissioned works to render the artist signature dancer motifs on other items are welcome.

Dancer Art

Notecards, Jewelry, Framed Works, and Dancer Wire Sculptures, and More


Photos and details available upon request.

Availability and prices subject to change without notice.  

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